Carrettino's Wine

Greg & John Russo

When John Russo was fourteen years old, his Aunt Rose Russo told him to "take over the wine business." So John studied wine and marketing books, and hooked up with some industry professionals who mentored John so he could become a respected wine merchant and educator. John works with the best vintners, brokers, and importers to carefully select the best quality wines at value prices. Greg Russo has been working at his father's side for many years and is carrying on the family tradition.

We carry wines from many regions around the world. We also "special order" wines that we might not have in stock. We gladly take the time to answer your wine questions and help you select the perfect wines for your home and for the gifts you want to impress your friends and clients. Try our own Carrettino brand of quality wines. We carefully select the blends for quality and value.